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Answers to some common questions vol. 2 Workout Data

Workout data, where does it go, and why does it go there?

The first thing to understand about the data reports you can find, customize and control on AU is that you determine where that data goes when you build and send a workout.  When you build your workout, after the title it asks you how you want to label the workout, daily or test?
So what happens when you select DAILY?
1.  This means that the data from this workout will only be stored in the grading report.  No testing numbers can be collected here.  The electronic version of the student workout card gets stored in the grading report, and if you selected a rubric, a point total is calculated and displayed.
2.  When you send the workout, the only rubrics you will be able to attach are those you have created that are labeled as daily as well.  The point total calculation will be based on the point total deductions you set when you built the workout.  More in a later post on detailed breakdown of this.

So what happens when you select Test?
1.  The same thing happens, the workout gets logged in the grading report if you selected a testing rubric when you sent it.  But, the actual testing data gets dropped into our testing report so that you can track and post progress over time.  Whenever creating a testing workout, each exercise within the test workout should only have a single set, the test report result will show both measurement units used, weight/rep, time/distance etc.
2.  Your data also now gets dropped in our NEW testing progress report.  This is a report I am really excited about and will do a separate post on soon.

Hope this helps, just remember, you control where data ends up by how you build a workout and how you send it.


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