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New Feature- Testing Progress Report

This new testing progress report I really love The testing progress feature shows us a few key data points and a really great comparison feature, we will go through each column to show what data you can gather.... Column 1 will show you the list of tests you selected from the drop down that you want to see.  You can group by class periods or level and sport. Column 2 will give the date of the most recent time the test was performed. Column 3 will give you data for the most recent tests, weight/reps, time/distance etc. Column 4 will tell you the amount of working sets done between the previous and most recent test during the year.  This is a very important number if you realistically expect progress. Column 5 will give the change in data between the previous and most current test + or - Column 6 will give the average testing result at YOUR school for a particular exercise for that students graduation year and gender.  This is based on the fact that your students have selected
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Training Philosophy (AU Workout Library)

Happy Labor Day! I will keep doing posts on different parts of the system and how to use them, but I also want to put out some posts on training philosophy and hopefully we can get some good conversation going. These are some basic thoughts I have on how my personal training/coaching philosophy is built. 1.  Use the base scientific principals that are tried and true.  That come from solid peer reviewed research, and their efficacy has been proven over and over in practical execution. Stay away from "bro" science, the stuff you hear that may sound rationale, but just hasn't been proven in a legitimate fashion.  I am not saying that you don't develop ideas of your own, but these thoughts should be moving pieces, not pillars of your philosophy. 2.  My environment is extremely impactful thing on my training philosophy.  My facility, my athletes/students, my time limitations, the overall ability/training age of my athletes/students, current state of the culture surr

Answers to some common questions vol. 2 Workout Data

Workout data, where does it go, and why does it go there? The first thing to understand about the data reports you can find, customize and control on AU is that you determine where that data goes when you build and send a workout.  When you build your workout, after the title it asks you how you want to label the workout, daily or test? So what happens when you select DAILY? 1.  This means that the data from this workout will only be stored in the grading report.  No testing numbers can be collected here.  The electronic version of the student workout card gets stored in the grading report, and if you selected a rubric, a point total is calculated and displayed. 2.  When you send the workout, the only rubrics you will be able to attach are those you have created that are labeled as daily as well.  The point total calculation will be based on the point total deductions you set when you built the workout.  More in a later post on detailed breakdown of this. So what happens when

Answers to some common questions vol. 1 Not Receiving a Workout

When a student comes to me and says they didn't receive their workout, what should I do, why is this happening? 1.  First step is always to look at their profile in the mobile app, do they have the class period or sport that you sent the workout to selected?  If not, that is your answer.  So you can just go ahead in and send them the workout individually and make sure their profile is properly updated for the next time. 2.  In this scenario the student has their profile updated correctly.  Question #1  When did you select your groups.  If they selected the groups after you sent the workout to the group, they will not get it, however if you sent a recurring workout, they will get the subsequent days as they are sent out.  Question #2, what is the students internet connection like, they do need an internet connection to receive a new workout.  Check that is ok and refresh. These two troubleshooting steps usually solve the problem. Another good way to make sure everyone has th

A couple of good ways to get you and your kids used to how to use AthleticU...

1.  Use AU to do your state mandated fitness testing.  At my school we start out the year using AU to do our initial state fitness testing, it is a great way to get everyone comfortable and test out the features each day.  It is a nice way to start because you are only building a one or two exercise workout, the kids learn how to punch everything in correctly and how everything works.  You end up with a place that has all of your results stored and are easily exportable to an Excel sheet. 2.  Use AU to do your initial strength testing.  This is great for a couple of reasons, you get some great baseline scores and your students have some maxes in their app to refer to during their daily workouts. I am planning on posting on this blog daily, I would love for it to be a place to talk about both the application and all things strength and conditioning related.  Feel free to reach out with questions, I will answer them on the blog, because odds are others have the same  questions.

Kicking off the new school's some helpful info!!!

Welcome back to the new 2018-19 school year.  I am really excited that we were able to add this new blog section, this will be a great way to communicate and share ideas.  The first thing I would like to post about is our HELP video section.  There is a bunch of info up that will help get you started and troubleshoot all of those areas you may have forgotten about.  So after you sign in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and click the help section.  Please let me know any other specific areas you would like more videos on.  I would like to use this section to answer questions on different ways to use the system, so fire away with your requests!!!